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In the morning, I begin with some physical exercices. Then I work on my songs.

Afterwords I embark on DIY : I have invented thirty musical instruments !

Before lunch, I prepare some handmade gifts that I will distribute during the day.

In the afternoon, weather permetting, I walk my trumpet and then I ride my Vélototo (the "carbike" you need).

The evening I party with my group of musicocrazies.

the founder and president of the Ouais ! Club (OC for members).

The association's goal is to promot Ouaistherapy, relaxation method that I invented eleven years ago.

Parting from the premise that the modern world brings stress, fatigue and frustration to humans without promitting the release of stress, I quickly realized that shooting Ouais ! several times during the course of the day relaxed the body and mind (look at the instructions).

Our motto is "Saying Ouais ! (Yeah !) to life solves many problems".Threw the curse of the years I have enhanced my technic and today I dispose of thirty different "Ouais !" to shout in different circonstances.
This list must be memorized in order to became a member of the Club and receive the card.
Note that if you find a new Ouais ! you automatically become a benefitting member of the Club.

The OC is opened to non members several imes during the year for anthological parties d'anthologie (check upcoming dates in the "news" section of the website).

Do not forget to pass around the national petition and submit it to the Ministère de la Santé so that Ouaistherapy
is taught at the school of medecine and do not hesitates te?o send me your "Ouais !" in order to complet the list...

Clovis le musicopathe